Engine cooling fans for Harleys | You can ride a cooler Harley

Powerful engine cooling fans for Harleys

Cool your cylinder heads by more than 50°C* .

You can ride a cooler Harley® – by cooling the cylinder heads with forced air.

Fit and remove these powerful engine cooling fans in moments.

Simple, subtle design. Fits well with the look of your bike.

engine cooling fans for Harleys clean and subtle look

Engine cooling fans for Harleys. Fits well with engine designengine cooling fans for Harleys positioned direct air onto cylinder head* Our testing suggests temperature drops of up to 70°C. Actual temperature drop you achieve will depend on multiple factors including ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, engine configuration, riding style, traffic conditions, etc

Engine cooling fans for Harleys

These powerful fans are attached to a carefully designed, laser-cut mounting plate that is simply bolted to the horn mount. Over 360 cubic feet per minute of fresh air passes across the cylinder heads to blast excess heat away from the engine. The  fans direct the air to the hottest part of the motor.

One of the most common complaints from Harley owners is the heat produced by the engine. And it can get even hotter with performance modifications. Sitting at traffic lights or riding in slow moving traffic can get very uncomfortable. There was even a class action from Harley owners about engine heat. It can also raise oil temperatures.