Cooling fan performance impresses

I demonstrated the effectiveness of the Cool My Hog Harley engine cooling fans to the crowds at the Bathurst Bike Show on the weekend (4 Feb).

Onlookers were amazed at how quickly the fans cooled cylinder head temperature. One bloke said “I thought these fans were just novelty value, but they really work.”

I had connected a temperature sensor under the front spark plug and had the digital readout attached to my handlebars. I left my bike idling and let the cylinder head temperature rise to about 180-190°C. Then I turned the fans on.

The temperature falls rapidly – a drop of 20-30°C in just a few minutes. You can see similar results in the video on the performance tests page.

It was stinking hot at Bathurst, 35+°C. And we were on the asphalt in Russell Street, just outside the court house. A good replication of sitting in traffic.

The Bathurst Bike Show was the biggest ever, with lots of impressive machinery on display. Well worth a visit – first Saturday in February every year.